Dynamic Publishing - a Core Competence - One of SDI WebLink's unique values is a core competence in the technique of dynamic publishing. This technology uses a database as the holder of your site's information. It delivers fully formatted Web pages to your visitor's computer, on demand, containing the information they wish to see. With this technology, your site's users can search for and retrieve information from your site based on key words, dates, locations, or other variables applicable to the information you provide and they are looking for.

Easy Site Updates - As an SDI WebLink site owner, you have the ability to add new material and keep your site's content up to date, working in plain text from your browser, from your office or anywhere you have access to the Internet. This eliminates much of the need to work through intermediaries to make additions or changes to your site or its data.

Custom Design - Wide Selection of Site Features - Each Web site is built to the specifications and needs of the client. SDI WebLink has developed an extensive library of dynamic publishing applications, which can be tailored to your needs to make your site a rich resource of valuable current information for your customers or members. In addition to those described below, a literally limitless range of other applications can be built to your needs and specifications. When it comes to custom Web applications development, our motto is: "If you can conceive it, we can achieve it."

Some of the most popular Web applications we provide our clients are listed below.
All of these applications feature SDI WebLink's unique plain-text updating capability.

Online Surveys - With SDI's exclusive SDI Survey Center system running on your site, you can set up a customer, member or general site visitor survey of up to twelve questions. Questions can be multiple choice, yes or no, rating scale, check all that apply, or open end. Survey results are tabuated continuously and can be accessed online at any time. When a survey is completed, results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet and saved, and a new survey initiated.

Secure Site Log On - If you have pre-assigned member or customer ID numbers in your membership or customer database, you can restrict access to all or any portion of your site to authorized users.

Secure Visitor Tracking - The visitor's password log on can build a reviewable and retrievable visitors' log showing the identity of the visitor and date and time of visit. The visitors' log can be searched and reviewed by visitor name or visit date or range of dates.

Site Maps - Accessible from a link that appears on every page is a comprehensive diagram to all areas of the site. Visitors can quickly see at a glance the entire site layout, and jump to any section directly from the site map.

What's New? - Provides your visitors an at-a-glance reference guide to new material you have recently posted on your site, current news about your company or association, or industry or profession. Also useful for new products or newly scheduled event announcements. Items can appear in a special home page "pop-up" window.

Scrolling Banners - Your featured message can be made a continuously scrolling banner on the home page or wherever appropriate. An excellent attention-getter for reminders or to call attention to new content or special promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - A section in which to post often-asked questions, with their answers, pertaining to your Web site, or to your organization, industry, or profession in general. Questions/answers can be organized and accessed by category. This popular Web site feature is helpful to your visitors and can preempt routine incoming telephone inquiries.

Press Releases - Establish a section for posting organization press releases, including contact information. There is no limit to number of releases posted. They are listed in order of date of release, most recent at the top. Maintain an archive of past press releases at your discretion.

Product Catalog, "Shopping Cart" and Online Ordering - Provides a catalog of your products and services, with descriptions, prices and other pertinent information. You can include photos, add or delete products, and enter or change prices or descriptions. The product catalog is linked to an online "shopping cart", with orders forwarded to your designated email recipient. Purchasers receive email confirmation of their orders.

Internet Resource Links - Maintain a resource listing of links to other Web sites of interest to your visitors. Links are categorized, and can carry a brief description of the organization and its products or services. The visitor retrieves lists of pertinent links by selecting a category or entering a search keyword.

Organization Rosters - Maintain rosters of members of your staff, or other groups. Listings contain address and contact information as desired, as well as links to each individual's email.

Document Posting - Provides a central document posting and distribution area for your official business documents such as meeting notices, agendas, minutes, and other important correspondence. Documents can be organized by cognizant body, such as Board of Directors, and each body can be assigned a separate password for access. Different types of documents can be specified and called for (such as agendas or minutes). Then the specific document can be view on screen. The site owner can add an unlimited number of bodies, documents types, and actual documents (as well as edit and delete them).

Document Download Libraries - Gives you the ability to establish any number of file libraries on your Web site, which can contain important documents you wish to make available, such as reports, spreadsheets and databases, slide presentations, etc. Visitor access to file libraries can be password-protected. Files can be uploaded directly from your computer, and downloaded by the visitor.

Discussion Forums - Establish "discussion forums" on different topics, and give your customers, clients, or members the ability to ask questions, or post answers or comments to questions, or even respond to responses. Forums can be general, or private and specialized, with or without password protection. Staff can "moderate" the forum (edit, delete, or elaborate on others' postings), or you can assign that responsibility to anyone else, through a password-protected Forum maintenance center. A forum's Moderator is auto-emailed whenever a comment is posted.

Career Opportunities - Establish a section where job opportunities with your organization are posted, and resumes are posted by individuals. The career center can be just for your organization, or for your entire industry or profession. Positions available and wanted can be searched for by various parameters such as salary range, geographic area, or skill type.

Membership Database Search - Provide your membership database in a searchable "buyers' guide" format. Visitors can find members by any parameter such as company name, geography, or products/services offered. Searches can retrieve detail on any information in your membership database.

Used or Surplus Items For Sale - Set up an online exchange where members or customers can post, describe and offer for sale items such as used furnishings or equipment, or surplus inventory items. Password protection is provided so that a posting member/customer can add, update or delete his own items only. Visitors can search the database by any combination of criteria used to describe the products.

Event Schedules, Information and Online Registration - Provide a schedule of your organization's events and other important dates, together with event information. Event schedules can be searched and retrieved by a date, a range of dates, or by event type or location. The Event Schedule is integrated with online Event Registration.

Visitor Email - Your visitors can direct email to any individual with an address entered in the Organization Roster, directly from your Web pages. Automatic email responses or acknowledgements can be returned to the sender.

Subscription to Target Market Email Lists - You can establish specialized email mailing lists to which your visitors can subscribe directly from your site. Customers or members can indicate one or more special interest areas, and will automatically receive email from you when you have something to communicate relative to that area. You can send group email automatically to all members of a list, to members of all lists, or to a combination of lists.

Searchable Databases - SDI WebLink's database integration technology offers wide flexibility for you to provide searchable access on your Web site to any type of information you maintain in database format and want to make available. Our search technology permits searching by single or multiple parameters, and can display search results in any format desired.

Animations - Logos, banners, and special attention-getters can be animated to make your Web pages "come alive" and enrich the visitor's visual experience. Animations can draw attention to special offers, events, new information, or anything you want to highlight on your site.

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